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    radio adverts
    We advertise regularly on local radio.  If you have missed hearing them listen to them now.
Advert 1 Sidey Man Jingle

Advert 2 Couple in Kitchen

Advert 3 Burglar Bill

Advert 4 'Dancing Dave' Patio & Driveway

Advert 5 'Jock McTavish' Tilt & Turn Windows

Advert 6 Sidey Showrooms

Advert 7 Fabulous Sidey Showrooms

Advert 8 A Real Touch of Class

Advert 9 Fab Showrooms

Advert 10 Master Advert

Advert 11 Classical Advert

Advert 12 Football Chant

Advert 13 Jazz Advert

Advert 14 Scottish Advert

Advert 15 What is a Door

Advert 16 What is Window Shopping

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