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With ever increasing importance being given to thermal efficiency, glass specifications are increasing dramatically. Glass now accounts for over 40% of the cost of a window (previously 10%) due to triple glazing, soft coats and gas filling. The last thing you need is costly replacements due to scratched glass.

is the perfect solution for protecting glass in window and door frames ONLY available from .

Product Description

Scratchguard is a water-based peelable coating for protecting windows and doors. The liquid applied coating forms a skin tight barrier over the surface protecting it from scratches, abrasion, render, cement, plaster and construction site damage. Prior to hand-over the coating is simply peeled by hand leaving the surface damage free, looking and feeling like new. It eliminates the need to repair or replace damaged glass and reduces building cleaning costs.


Scratchguard is a water-based environmentally friendly coating that can be fully recycled.


Scratchguard material has successfully been independently tested by a number of major organisations who include:

  • Pilkington: Compatibility on glass including Pilkington Activ (self-cleaning glass).

  • BRE: Surface spread of flames in accordance with BS 476: part t class 1.

  • Window Association of New Zealand: Performance of Scratchguard material when it is subjected to high levels of ultra violet light.

  • Glass Technology Services: Performance when Scratchguard material is applied directly on the surface of low E glass.

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