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Gearing - Locking

Espagnolettes are used for Sidey top hung or side hung SolarthermPlus® Casement Windows.


All Sidey SolarthermPlus® Casement Windows are fitted with Twin Cam Security Locking System (TSL), the TSL is one of the most revolutionary and secure systems on the market, it has up to eight locking points with adjustable twin-cams offering even greater security against burglary. The unique gearing mechanism operates the reverse-action twin cams, all cams engage in behind individual recesses on both sides of the striker, attempts to force one cam out of its locked position only drives the other cam deeper in to its recess.

Hinges and Restrictors

Standard Hinges, Egress Hinges and Restrictors, are available on Sidey SolarthermPlus® Casement Windows.

Egress hinges and restrictors will depend on your specification.

  • Standard HingeStandard Hinge Image
  • Egress HingeEgress Hinge Image
  • RestrictorRestrictor Image


Available as standard in white, light oak and rosewood, we also offers a bespoke foiling service for a range of colours in textured and smooth finishes as well as several woodgrain options.

Contact us for further information on availability of bespoke colours.


Locking and Non-locking handles are available in White, Gold and Silver, should you require other colour options please contact us.

  • White Handle Image
  • Gold Handle Image
  • Silver Handle Image

Versatile Glazing Options

Sidey SolarthermPlus® windows, fitted with a 44mm argon triple glazed units achieve a U- value of 0.7W/m2K. Where a higher U-value is acceptable there is a range of glazing options available to suit your needs, contact us for your specification.

SolarthermPlus's® unique parting bead allows a 24mm double glazed sealed unit to be fitted in conjunction with a third,single pane. The benefits of this 2 + 1 configuration are:

  • Excellent thermal performance, U values as low as 0.8W/m2K

  • Extremely cost effective triple glazing at the point of installation

  • Cheaper and easier replacement of damaged glass or failed units

  • The cost of replacing failed sealed units is reduced by up to 50%

  • Internal Blinds can be conveniently installed and easily maintained without having to replace entire units, these are available in various colours

  • Wiring for alarms and other security measures can be conveniently installed and easily maintained without having to replace entire units

  • SolarthermPlus Triple Glazed Image Triple Glazed
    offering 0.7W/m2K U-Values
  • SolarthermPlus Dual Glazed Image 2 & 1 (Dual Glazed) offering U-Values as low as 0.8W/m2K
  • SolarthermPlus Window With Blind Glazed Image 2 & 1 (Dual Glazed) with internal blind offering U-Values as low as 0.8W/m2K

There are various glazing options available, listed below are the most popular obscure options with various levels of privacy ranging from levels 1 - 5.

  • Warwick | 1Warwick Obscure Level 1
  • Chantilly | 2Chantilly Obscure Level 2
  • Flemish | 2Flemish Obscure Level 2
  • Minster | 2Minister Obscure Level 2
  • Sycamore | 2Sycamore Obscure Level 2
  • Autumn | 3Autumn Obscure Level 3
  • Digital | 3Digital Obscure Level 3
  • Taffeta | 3Taffeta Obscure Level 3
  • Arctic | 4Arctic Obscure Level 4
  • Charcoal Sticks | 4Charcoal Sticks Obscure Level 4
  • Contora | 4Contora Obscure Level 4
  • Florielle | 4Florielle Obscure Level 4
  • Mayflower | 4Mayflower Obscure Level 4
  • Oak | 4Oak Obscure Level 4
  • Stippolyte | 4Stippolyte Obscure Level 4
  • Cotswolds | 5Cotswold Obscure Level 5
  • Everglade | 5Everglade Obscure Level 5
  • Pelerine | 5Pelerine Obscure Level 5
* Obscure Glass names are trademarks of Pilkington plc. Obscure glass images are copyright© of Pilkington plc and they are reproduced by permission of Pilkington plc

Sidey have a vast selection of glazing options including: Decorative, Etched, Bevelled etc. along with decorative options including Georgian bar, decorative beads, arch head inserts and a full range of cills, trims and other ancillaries. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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