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Solartherm® Timber Doorsets are fitted with a multipoint Lock, approved by the Master Locksmith association's Sold by Secure Scheme and Secured by Design. It has an enhanced gearbox design with the latest security and low operating force feature. Tested to PAS 23 and PAS 24.


Locking and Non-locking handles are available in White, Gold and Silver, should you require other colour options please contact us.

  • Gold Handle Image
  • Silver Handle Image
  • Black Handle Fitted Image

Chrome Handles are also available along with different styles depending on your specification, please contact us if you require a specific style or colour.

Door Knockers and Numerals

Door knockers and numerals are available colour matched to the hardware suite in various finishes including Gold and Silver.

Security Chains and Viewers

Various options are available to meet your specification including 3 glass lens, fire rated and non fire rated viewers.


The letterbox range is available colour matched to the hardware suite and are manufactured to the highest standards.


Sidey Solartherm® Timber Doorsets are available in a wide range of colours, our standard colour range includes the following, please contact us should your specification demand other colours.

White Door Red Door Green Door Blue Door Black Door Rosewood Door Light Oak Door
White Red Green Blue Black Rosewood LightOak


There are various glazing options available, listed below are the most popular obscure options with various levels of privacy ranging from levels 1- 5. Please contact us for glazing to suit your specification.

  • Warwick | 1Warwick Obscure Level 1
  • Chantilly | 2Chantilly Obscure Level 2
  • Flemish | 2Flemish Obscure Level 2
  • Minster | 2Minister Obscure Level 2
  • Sycamore | 2Sycamore Obscure Level 2
  • Autumn | 3Autumn Obscure Level 3
  • Digital | 3Digital Obscure Level 3
  • Taffeta | 3Taffeta Obscure Level 3
  • Arctic | 4Arctic Obscure Level 4
  • Charcoal Sticks | 4Charcoal Sticks Obscure Level 4
  • Contora | 4Contora Obscure Level 4
  • Florielle | 4Florielle Obscure Level 4
  • Mayflower | 4Mayflower Obscure Level 4
  • Oak | 4Oak Obscure Level 4
  • Stippolyte | 4Stippolyte Obscure Level 4
  • Cotswolds | 5Cotswold Obscure Level 5
  • Everglade | 5Everglade Obscure Level 5
  • Pelerine | 5Pelerine Obscure Level 5
* Obscure Glass names are trademarks of Pilkington plc. Obscure glass images are copyright© of Pilkington plc and they are reproduced by permission of Pilkington plc

Sidey have a vast selection of glazing options including: Decorative, Etched, Bevelled etc. along with decorative options including Georgian bar, decorative beads, arch head inserts and a full range of cills, trims and other ancillaries. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.



Proline AM3 Image

PROLINE AM3 - Mobility Easy Access Threshold Door Cill. Suitable for inward opening doors, Designed to meet the requirements of Part M of the building regulations for Accessible Thresholds in new housing.

Proline AM3 Key Benefits:

  • High performance easy access threshold

  • High Performance For Severe Weather Conditions

  • High security

  • Low Maintenance

  • Designed for both wheeled and foot traffic

  • The central weather seal is the Stormguard Rio Seal, constructed from one of the most hard wearing and tear resistant materials available

  • The front seal is made from 'Q'LON

  • Both seals are press in seals for ease of maintenance, and are both easily compressed with excellent memory retention and cold weather durability

  • Designed to meet the requirements of Part M of the Building regulations for accessible thresholds, allowing easy access for disabled and elderly

  • Suitable for inward opening doors and is adaptable to suit all types of floor covering by using the optional clip-in transition ramp

  • The main under the door drainage channel is as large as possible to cope with water penetration around the door frame seal and threshold seal

  • The front drainage cavity has end caps to seal the ends and the offset front drainage holes are well protected from driving wind and rain

  • Thermally broken to meet thermal bridging and insulation requirements

TRIMLINE RIO - Fitted with the high tech Stormguard Rio seal

Trimline Rio

Key features:

  • Mobility Easy Access

  • 13.5mm profile

  • Curved upstands front and rear facilitate access for wheelchairs and prams

  • Double protection against rain and draught exclusion

  • Nitrile draught seal fitted to rear

  • Stormguard Rio seal fitted to the front

  • Robust and durable

  • Heavy duty aluminium construction

  • Minimal damage by foot traffic or door movement

  • Used for open in or open out

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