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Gearing - Locking

Ultralift Pre-Tensioned Spiral Balances are used on sashes weighing - 4.5kg-28kg.
Torso Pre-Tensioned spiral Balances are used on sashes weighing - 25.5kg - 65kg.

Solartherm Vertical Slider Spring

Ultralift and Torso Pre-Tensioned Spiral Balances are of a similar make up consisting of 2 springs - 1 wound clockwise, the other anti-clockwise.

Cam Catch Security Locking is used on all Sidey Solartherm® Vertical Sliding Windows. These are available in Silver, White and Gold.

Tilt Operating Buttons, Scroll Handles and Pole Eye's are available on Sidey Solartherm® Vertical Sliding Windows. These are available in Silver, White and Gold

  • Tilt Operating Buttons Image
  • Tilt Operating Buttons Image2Tilt Operating Button
  • Scroll Handles ImageScroll Handles
  • Verical Slider Window Close-up Image
  • Limit Stop Decorative Horn Restrictor Image
  • Pole Eyes ImagePole Eyes
  • Pole Eye Image

Other options are available including Limit Stops, Decorative Horns and Restrictors, please contact us for more options.
Sidey Solartherm® Vertical Sliding Windows are White as standard and are available in a range of RAL colours, should you require colour options please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are various glazing options available, listed below are the most popular obscure options with various levels of privacy ranging from levels 1 - 5.

  • Warwick | 1Warwick Obscure Level 1
  • Chantilly | 2Chantilly Obscure Level 2
  • Flemish | 2Flemish Obscure Level 2
  • Minster | 2Minister Obscure Level 2
  • Sycamore | 2Sycamore Obscure Level 2
  • Autumn | 3Autumn Obscure Level 3
  • Digital | 3Digital Obscure Level 3
  • Taffeta | 3Taffeta Obscure Level 3
  • Arctic | 4Arctic Obscure Level 4
  • Charcoal Sticks | 4Charcoal Sticks Obscure Level 4
  • Contora | 4Contora Obscure Level 4
  • Florielle | 4Florielle Obscure Level 4
  • Mayflower | 4Mayflower Obscure Level 4
  • Oak | 4Oak Obscure Level 4
  • Stippolyte | 4Stippolyte Obscure Level 4
  • Cotswolds | 5Cotswold Obscure Level 5
  • Everglade | 5Everglade Obscure Level 5
  • Pelerine | 5Pelerine Obscure Level 5
* Obscure Glass names are trademarks of Pilkington plc. Obscure glass images are copyright© of Pilkington plc and they are reproduced by permission of Pilkington plc

Sidey have a vast selection of glazing options including: Decorative, Etched, Bevelled etc. along with decorative options including Georgian bar, decorative beads, arch head inserts and a full range of cills, trims and other ancillaries. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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