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With a top level recognition that thermal efficiency of properties in the UK needs to improve significantly going forward, the evolution of fenestration should be inevitable, especially when a Fabric First approach is adopted. Sidey is amongst the first to recognise that just because windows and doors need to deliver greater thermal performance, specifiers and developers will not lose sight of the need for value for money and cost effectiveness.

SolarthermPlusŪ has been developed to deliver on all fronts. Whole window u-values down as low as 0.7W/mēK without the need for expensive krypton gas filling! The system has been designed to cope with the 50% increase in glass weight that triple glazing brings. In fact, SolarthermPlusŪ delivers bigger casement sash sizes than standard systems on the market, meaning no compromise for designers!

Glass specifications will be tailored to meet your projects u-value requirements ensuring optimal performance thermally as well as acoustically.

SolarthermPlusŪ is as at home in refurbished properties as it is in new build. The industry leading performance of SolarthermPlusŪ spans weather, security and energy efficiency.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides the opportunity for windows to be fitted to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) levels 3, 4 or 5 - and then be simply, easily and inexpensively upgraded to level 6 standard at a later date.

  • Achieves A rating when assessed against the criteria of the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WER)

  • Modular glazing elements which can be changed as budgets provide.

  • 48mm argon triple-glazed units to achieve a u-value of 0.7w/m2k achieved using only standard components

  • Unique system glazing that allows glazed units up to 48mm to be fitted

  • Foam filled thermal inserts

  • Eliminates cold bridging,

  • Seals prevent heat loss around glazed units, between the sash and the frame, and between the frame and the wall

  • 70mm and 62mm frame depth allows maximum flexibility

  • Sculptured and Chamfered option

  • Two separate Windows, first or tilt position offers ventilation, second or third position offers cleaning and egress

  • Internally beaded & externally beaded options

  • Child restriction and 'safe' locking handles provide safety use in features.

  • High security 'Twin Cam' locking mechanisms

  • Products tested to meet the performance and security requirements of BS7412/PAS 24 (BS7950 has been incorporated in to this) and Secured By Design

  • Products tested to meet the performance requirements for BS6375 wind and water testing - classification severe.

  • Designed to accept latest hardware

Sidey's SolarthermPlus® Tilt & Turn window suit's just about every budget, but should there be a requirement for the thermal performance to be upgraded at a later date, this can be achieved by simply replacing the sash only - not the whole frame, providing a revolutionary opportunity to inexpensively enhance building performance to meet increasingly stringent carbon targets.

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