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BuildBook: Lickley, Milne & Market Courts

Posted: January 27, 2022

Product Specification

Our R&D team set to work to look at all the prevailing site conditions and options which might be available. In the end, it was a pioneering 0.7 Wm2K U-value triple glazed tilt & turn window using our SolarthermPlus® range of products that they determined was going to be suitable.

Installing this specification of product into a retro-fit environment was unique, and windows of this type are usually installed into Fabric First developments where the aim is to design out the requirement for high usage of carbon fuels in the first place.

We had to adopt the same principles for this development and it was critical that in doing so the windows would work harmoniously with other key elements in the building – namely the heating and ventilation systems, whilst also addressing the acoustic requirements of the site.