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How to choose the right windows for your property

Posted: February 18, 2020

Whether you’re replacing your old windows or deciding what would best suit your newbuild project, a lot of consideration has to be given to style, cost and efficiency when making your choice.

Long gone are the days when the range of options started and ended with plain white bulky windows. Modern advances in technology and design means that windows are available in a great variety of choice, from a wide range of colours, finishes and styles to pick from, as well as taking into account varying degrees of thermal performance.

You will need to consider:

  • Window design: Are you choosing for a modern property or a traditional home?
  • Window style: Would a standard casement window be the best option or flush casement? And what’s the difference between the two?
  • Window efficiency: Will your windows keep your home warm and lower your fuel bills?
  • Affordable: Are you ordering from a company that offers flexible finance?
  • Environmentally friendly: Are your windows coming from a sustainable source? And what happens to your old windows?

Which window style is the right one for your property

There is a wide range of different window styles available to choose from, so it’s important to consider these carefully in order to pick the right one for your home. A slimline window in a contemporary colour, such as Anthracite Grey, will look incredibly stylish in a modern property, but might look out of place in a period home, whereas Chartwell Green sits comfortably in a more classic setting.

Modern window styles:

The general rule in contemporary properties is ‘less frame, more glass.’ Slimline frames in modern window styles achieves this aim, with bigger, cleaner glazing areas allowing the maximum amount of daylight inside.

Window styles for period properties:

In the past, owners of older, more traditional homes have been limited to timber windows in order to maintain the required aesthetics of the property and the surrounding area. However, due to advances in window technology, this is no longer the case.

Sidey windows are available in a range of foils and finishes so that you can achieve the traditional appearance of timber windows, while benefitting from improved thermal efficiency and low maintenance.

Also, because Sidey are the only licenced Timberweld® manufacturer in Scotland, Sidey windows are available with a seamless butt-joint effect on the frame to create an authentic timber style, both externally and internally.

Different window styles:

There are a variety of different window styles available to choose from for your home.

  • Casement windows are the classic option and are suitable for both modern and traditional properties. Offering a variety of opening configurations, including open-out and split for cottage-style homes, Georgian bars can be added for additional period effect.

Casement windows are also available in flush casement design, where the sash sits flush within the frame. This is an ideal choice for traditional homes, while also looking stylish in contemporary settings.

Flush casements are available in Timberweld® for an extra authentic finish.

  • Tilt & Turn windows are best suited for modern homes and are a practical solution where access is restricted. Combining style and functionality, tilt & turn windows open inwards for easy cleaning and tilt to provide a home with secure ventilation.

A Timberweld® option is available on Sidey flush tilt & turn windows.

  • Sash & Case windows combine classic style with modern performance, making them ideal for traditional homes. Sash & Case windows feature an inwards tilt mechanism for easy cleaning and a slide option for ventilation.

Sash & Case windows are also available in Timberweld®.

  • Reversible windows have been innovatively designed to rotate both inwards and outwards, making them easy to clean from the inside. The modern design of reversible windows makes them an obvious choice for contemporary properties.

Why choose PVCu windows

PVCu windows still dominate the domestic market and there are several very good reasons for this:

  • PVCu windows are typically a more cost-effective option than timber or aluminium alternatives.
  • Because PVCu is a non-conductive material, unlike metals, uPVC window frames don’t transfer heat and provide a more consistent internal temperature.
  • They are practically maintenance free, simply requiring the occasional clean with a damp cloth.
  • Used in water and sewer pipes for many years, PVCu is a very tough and durable material.
  • PVCu does not rot and is resistant to corrosion. This includes salt erosion, making PVCu windows ideal for coastal properties.
  • Because PVCu can be recycled as often as 10 times, PVCu windows are a sustainable option, especially with Sidey’s track record for recycling.

Save the planet and save money

Being kind to the environment is a key concern to all consumers, whatever we are buying. Reducing our carbon print through our purchase choices helps to make an impact on how businesses operate – and windows should be no different.

At Sidey, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously – we have a 99.4% recycling rate from our factory and have achieved zero landfill.

We have also introduced the Sidey Recycling Scheme to offer homeowners the chance to recycle their old windows while saving money on each one we replace.

We offer between £100 and £200 per window, depending on the frame size, and this is taken off the cost of the replacement windows.

When we bring back old windows from installations, we separate all the materials and recycle everything we can – which is an impressive 99.3%.

Flexible funding options

Once you have chosen the perfect windows for your home, all you have to do is work out how you’re going to pay for them. Not many of us can afford to pay a lump sum up front, and we don’t want to be tied down to a loan at an extortionate interest rate.

At Sidey, we offer flexible funding plans so you can spread the cost of replacement windows over a period of time that suits you.

Because our funding options are flexible, you can repay higher amounts either monthly or as a lump sum, and you can also settle the balance at any time.

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