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Innovations at Sidey

At Sidey we are always looking for innovative solutions and products to help customers get the very best for their projects whether in homes, offices or other buildings. Offsite construction, high levels of energy efficiency, clever coatings that prolong the life of products or new innovative manufacturing processes are all part of what’s on offer to customers.

View a few of our latest innovations below:

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Kitfix® is one of the biggest revolutions in window and door installation. It’s designed for offsite construction and allows windows and doors to be factory fitted into steel or timber framed panels, as well as structural insulated panels (SIPS). Installed during the offsite production process, windows and doors can be installed much faster and achieve greater airtightness.

Fixing windows and doors at the offsite construction phase does not affect the stacking, storage or delivery of the panels, but speeds up time on site and offers a faster and safer build.

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Clip on Cills

Designed with offsite in mind, Sidey’s clip on cills are designed to be fitted later in a project, reducing the chance to get scuffed, scratched or damaged during the construction process.

Busy building sites can be a challenge, especially for products like cills that are both highly visible and prominent.

The two-part cill has a receiver section that is the same depth as the window, and when the risk of site damage has reduced the prominent cill nose can be clipped in place.

Our clip on cills are excellent for on or offsite construction and make a perfect complement to the Kitfix® factory fitted window system.

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Ecohomes require much higher levels of airtightness. Whether offsite construction or Passivhaus, or customers looking for better performance from their building project, Sidey can deliver the level of airtightness required.

Windows and doors traditionally have been a weak point, especially where the perimeter meets the walls. We have a range of products that have been tried and tested to reduce air leakage. Contact us and see how Sidey can enhance your vision at the design stage.

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Scratched or damaged glass on building sites can cost newbuild developers a lot of money. Even the smallest of scratches mean a whole glass unit would need replacing. Scratchguard™ is a peelable, environmentally friendly coating that protects the glass in windows and doors. It’s designed as a barrier and protects from scratches, abrasions, render cement, plaster and other construction damage while allowing natural daylight into building.

Applied at the Sidey factory during manufacture, it can be left in place until the handover. So when the job is finished, the Scratchguard™ is simply peeled off, leaving the pristine glass underneath reducing the time needed for cleaning.

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Solar control roof glass

Solartherm® Clear and Solartherm® Blue Roof Glass in conservatory, sunroom or orangery roofs is solar controlled. It’s a high-tech, innovative product that allows sunlight to pass through but reflects away a large degree of the sun’s heat. This means that it can protect the room beneath from the heat of the sun, which will maintain the temperature of the room below, whatever the season. Contact us for more details.

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