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Kitfix Microsite Launch

Posted: December 15, 2016
New Microsite from Sidey Addresses Offsite Issues

Perth based window and door manufacturer Sidey has recently launched its new KitFix® microsite which has been designed with the offsite construction market in mind. The site not only promotes Sidey’s unique KitFix® System which addresses the needs of offsite manufacturers but it also champions the benefits of this method of construction through its blogging and individual sector support.

Steve Hardy, Sidey’s Joint Managing Director commented – “We are delighted that our new KitFix® microsite has been launched and can offer solutions and support to the Offsite market. The site provides sector solutions through KitFix® for OSMS, Constructors, Architects and Developers, along with blogging and news addressing this sector and its future.

“It was important for us as contributor to the Offsite industry to develop this site. Building offsite delivers better social value all round – cost savings through reduced on the site construction times, faster delivery to enable people to be housed more quickly, vastly enhanced quality control, significantly improved ‘as-built’ performance which delivers genuine thermal efficiency and reduced running costs for residents, fewer delays, a systems approach to construction, collaborative working practices to deliver better outcomes more consistently, and onsite health and safety benefits to name just some”.

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