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Save on your Energy Bills with Sidey

Save on your Energy Bills with Sidey

Posted: May 3, 2022

With the average UK home losing 25%-30% of its heat through the windows, installing energy efficient windows can help to lower your energy bills while also making your home a much more comfortable place to live.

Energy efficient windows: benefits & savings

Replacing single-glazed windows around a detached home with double glazing could lead to savings of up to £120 a year on your energy bills.

The following table shows the potential savings to be made by replacing single glazing with double glazing in Scotland, depending on the type of home you live in.

Type of HomePotential Savings per Year
Detached£100 – £120
Semi-detached£70 – £85
Mid-terrace£50 – £65
Detached bungalow£50 – £65
Mid-floor flat£30 – £40

According to the Energy Saving Trust: