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Sidey Accredited with CHAS

Posted: April 1, 2010

Sidey have shown their customers a clear cut commitment to health & safety, having recently been accredited with CHAS (The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme).

CHAS was created in 2001 with two main aims – to improve health & safety standards in Britain and to reduce duplicated safety applications for both suppliers and buyers.

Sidey’s Health & Safety Manager commented – “Health & Safety is extremely important to Sidey and is at the forefront of our business. We have a commitment to continuous improvement and CHAS was a natural step towards improving our health & safety standards. In order to gain the accreditation all of our health & safety documentation, procedures and processes had to be audited by a nominated assessor.

“Successfully gaining the accreditation demonstrates our compliance with and the sound management of current Health & Safety legislation. We are delighted that attaining this accreditation will also provide our customers with a number of benefits”.

Each month thousands of contractors & consultants apply for work with public and private sector organizations. To win work, they must meet the buyer’s health & safety standards. Assessing supplier’s health & safety competence is usually a lengthy and time consuming process. Suppliers can sometimes meet one buyers health and safety standards but not another. Being CHAS approved reduces duplication as suppliers compliance is accepted by all CHAS buyers.