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Sidey achieves zero landfill ahead of schedule

Posted: June 28, 2016

Sidey is delighted to announce that we have met our commitment of 100% zero waste being sent to landfill on all refurbishments contracts ahead of schedule.

Robert Fitzpatrick, Sidey’s Accreditations Manager commented – “The date for achieving this waste management target was 2020 meaning we are 4 years ahead of schedule. This achievement reinforces our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

In 2009 the Sidey management team identified that all waste was going to landfill on refurbishments contracts with no recycling being carried out as such. This led to the setting up of a working group which then culminated in the installation of a designated EMS team. Subsequently, the company then put processes and procedures in place to successfully gain accreditation for ISO 14001.

Robert Added – “Sidey strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all matters and issues relating to recycling and the environment and we are delighted to have achieved this target well ahead of schedule”.