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Sidey corner the Scottish Timberweld® market

Posted: November 25, 2019

As the country’s only licenced Timberweld® fabricator, Sidey is cornering the Scottish market when it comes to the manufacture of traditional style windows and doors that provide 21st century performance.

Scotland’s strongest fenestration company, Sidey now manufacture, supply and install a range of windows and doors using Timberweld® technology, providing butt-jointed construction and the appearance of wooden mortised and tenoned joints.

“We’re always looking at ways that we can improve and develop our products and provide customers with the best possible range of options,” says Steve Hardy, Sidey’s Joint Managing Director.  “Scotland has a rich architectural heritage and large numbers of period properties, meaning that it’s particularly important to offer homeowners the option for windows and doors with the authentic appearance of timber, combined with the low maintenance and energy efficiency benefits of PVCu.

“Timberweld® is the perfect way to achieve an authentic timber style, both on the inside and outside of the frame. Not only does the seamless butt-joint effect make these windows and doors ideal for conservation areas and heritage properties, but the sleek, modern appearance is also hugely popular for the contemporary market too.

“We recently launched the products in our Perth showroom, enabling us to demonstrate the many benefits to our customers, and we’ve already had a great reaction to the traditional timber style finish.

“The Timberweld® butt-joint is the most authentic on the market. As the only licenced fabricator in Scotland, we are in an ideal position of being able to provide Timberweld® windows and doors to our customers all over the country.”

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