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Sidey Invest in Logistics

Posted: July 15, 2009

Sidey have invested in their Logistics Department after adding a further two Mercedes Sprinter vans to their existing fleet of lorries and vans.

Steve Hardy, Sidey’s Commercial Sales Director commented – “We have significantly invested in our Logistics Department over the past couple of years.

This means we can react to whatever our customers needs are, and whatever the site dictates in terms of transportation and delivery.

“We also have over 300 delivery stillages that we have designed – with input from our customers – that are unique to Sidey in our industry. Not only do they allow for safe delivery to site and transportation around the site, but they also minimize the risk of damaging the finished products. This method of delivery means we do not need to use paper, cardboard or polythene packaging and therefore present a unique and sustainable delivery system.”

Sidey’s fleet of trucks are fully owned and manned by Sidey drivers: therefore the company is never dependant on the performance of third party operators, giving full flexibility to deliver exactly to the customers requirements both in terms of timing and geographical location.