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Sidey praised for reduction in waste

Posted: February 25, 2010

Perth based company Sidey Ltd have been working closely with Specialist Waste Recycling Ltd (SWR) as part of their commitment to preserving the natural environment and providing you with energy efficient products and environmental services.
Latest figures provided by SWR show that for the period 08/08/09 to 31/12/09 Sidey has shown an increase in its recycling of 7% in the last quarter from 82% to 89%.

This carbon saving is equivalent to taking 69 cars off the road, the average CO2 use of 27 people for a 3 month period or heating 198 UK homes for 3 months.

SWR commented – “We were able to introduce a completely new scheme and help a company with a fantastic history improve their environmental credentials. The recycling system that we produced for them was highly successful and surpassed our own high expectations. The work being done with Sidey in Scotland is a testament to the hard work of employees from both companies and a great working relationship.”

Steve Hardy, Sidey’s Commercial Sales Director commented – “SWR came into Sidey and quietly but quickly analysed all the waste streams coming out of each part of the business. This allowed SWR & Sidey to work together to establish a zero waste strategy for our business.
“Previously, the majority of waste would have gone to landfill, but now, we can provide our customers with a total recycling solution for the waste generated and ensure PVC materials are recycled”.