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Sidey Support Dee4Life

Posted: April 27, 2009

Ex-Dee4Life Trust Director and Sidey’s company Secretary Karen Beattie recently got in touch to tell us about her dad Bert’s recent birthday. Bert – who must be one of the oldest supporters of Dundee FC – turned 82 on 23rd March, and up until recent years was a season ticket holder at Dens, and has been following Dundee since he was a young lad.

Karen says “He really is quite amazing. He keeps himself fit, goes golfing and bowling, in fact he’s never in!!

I love fast cars and everytime I get a new one, I let him have a go in it, if I go on holiday, I give him my car for the week, he just loves it.” Karen was given a gift of driving the Ferrari at Knockhill for her birthday in June last year, however shortly afterwards, broke her toe so didn’t arrange anything. Since Bert had been so jealous from day one, Karen phoned up Knockhill racecourse in the run up to Christmas to ask them if they had an age limit for track days – fortunately the answer was no!! Cue Bert’s surprise Christmas present!

Father and daughter got on their racing helmets and jumped into the Ferrari on 28th February this year. Karen told us “He really was fantastic, and it made my day that he was able to do it, six laps in Ferrari on a difficult track, believe me, I was really going for it, and I only beat him by one point!

Karen was involved with the Trust from day one, and was fortunate enough to have a generous employer (Sidey), who recognized her love of football , and her extreme upset at what had happened to her beloved club. Five years on, and we are delighted that Sidey have not only kept Karen in a job, but have also supported many events both for the Trust and the DSA.