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The Fabric First Academy

Posted: October 10, 2013

The Fabric First Academy – Education for the Fabric First Generation

Leading lights in the construction industry who are committed to truly sustainable building using a ‘Fabric First’ approach have joined together to form the ‘Fabric First Academy’.  The academy officially ‘opened its doors’ at the recent Timber Expo at the NEC with a well attended launch event.

Headed up by Andrew Carpenter CEO of the Structural Timber Association the launch also saw presentations from Mike Stevenson Development Director of offsite fenestration specialists Sidey and Simon Orrells Managing Director of timber wall specialists Frame Wise. With the event also attended by the other seven partners in the academy, they are all fully committed to providing impartial and non commercial content which offers solutions, guidance and advice to those who are considering adopting a Fabric First approach to their developments.

The academy is bi-lined ‘Education for the Fabric First Generation’ and the partners in the venture are keen to point out that this is not just aimed at the future architects, constructors and developers.

“Our view is that we are the first Fabric First generation, and there are many people who need guidance and technical advice now” says Mike Stevenson.  “Our aim in being involved in the academy is to provide support to people who are interested in the Fabric First agenda right now as well as those who will come in the future.  We have no doubts that only building with this philosophy in mind can you really achieve a truly sustainable development without the need for ‘bolt-ons’ to make your building thermally efficient or eco-friendly”.

As the economy starts to pick up it is clear that the offsite construction industry will need to play a major role if building targets are to be met, and Fabric First is intrinsically linked to this way of building.  The government is pushing  offsite construction very hard as the way forward; with this will come a greater understanding and ‘use’ of the Fabric First way of building.

The Fabric First Academy will live as a virtual resource at and at the premises of the associate partners in the venture who will champion the whole Fabric First agenda.