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Blog – Top 100 Architects in Scotland

Blog – Top 100 Architects in Scotland

Posted: May 6, 2019

Design. It’s a simple word that we use all the time and yet maybe forget how incredibly important design actually is. Every product we use, every vehicle we drive and every building we occupy all started with a design concept. From the Falkirk Wheel, V&A Dundee and the Scottish Parliament building, to housing estates and a new community centre, they all needed to be designed from scratch at some point. An initial spark of inspiration, an original concept, or a clever way to work around a problem is how the best architects can enhance the landscape and leave a lasting legacy, whatever the size or scale of the project.

Scottish Architecture

At Sidey, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the finest architects in Scotland and that’s one of the reasons that we jumped at the chance to sponsor Urban Realm’s annual Top 100 Architects report. Advocating our country’s many talented architects, the report highlights best practices, award-winning work and successes. It also features a series of profiles and interviews, helping to give Scottish architects the recognition they deserve.

Urban Realm is the leading magazine for the architectural, design and specifying industries in Scotland. We asked Editor John Glenday about the importance of the Top 100 and Sidey’s sponsorship:

“The Top 100 Architects report is now in its seventh year and it really is a massive undertaking. It takes us a year to put it together, so it’s pretty much an ongoing process.

“The report is the culmination of our editorial output over the previous 12 months, so it works as an excellent method of keeping track of all the projects that have stood out during that time and the enormity of those achievements really does hit home. “It’s an important opportunity to take stock of the incredible standard of work that we feature, and the bar gets raised even more each year.

Competition Time

“Architects continuously take significant steps to open up the field for future ideas and advancements. It’s also encouraging to see new faces coming to the fore with new projects. “They’re a competitive bunch and they always closely monitor the progress of the list. Being featured is a very proud moment for them, a badge of honour. “In order to compile the list to the best of our ability, it’s important that we provide a level playing field in which to judge all eligible projects and we wouldn’t be able to do this without sponsorship.

Crucial Support from Sidey

“We’re indebted to our sponsors for the crucial support that they provide. As you can imagine, the Top 100 is a hugely in-depth project and takes an incredible amount of time and effort to compile and our sponsors are vital to that process and in helping us push the project forward.

“To have backing from a prestigious fenestration specialist like Sidey is invaluable to a project like this and we can’t thank them enough for the massive support they give us.

“Sidey is also sponsoring the annual Scottish Design Awards in August. The event gives the architectural community the opportunity to catch up with friends in the industry and exchange ideas. Any awards won on the night will provide points that contribute to inclusion in next year’s Top 100 list – here we go again!”

* The final Top 100 ranking is published in the Winter Edition of Urban Realm and nominated projects will also appear later in the year in the 2019 Architecture Scotland Annual.